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Welcome to Sports Venue Traveler

the site that invites sports travelers to document their sports venue destinations.

We ask that you keep all entries to high levels of competition. Please record only Professional and College venues, with an exception for Junior Hockey, which is on par with college hockey. Record the venue only once, even if you have been there many times. Remember, this is about where you have been, and not how many times you’ve been there.

You will find Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Hockey, and Tennis categories. You will also find an Other category to post special events like; The Olympics, Tour du France, Kentucky Derby, World Cup, other College Sports, etc. If you participated at these levels, you were also a spectator, so include those venues on your page.

Create an account and start recording your sports venue visits, or go to our FAQ page for more information.

Start perusing others’ travels, and create a hunger for more road trips. Build friendships through the common interest of sports travel. This is why Sports Venue Traveler was created!


Rick Lindsay